Sunday, March 20, 2011

keeping my eyes open...

Upon closer inspection I realized this was in fact a yard waste bin...the tree was just trying not to put anyone out. 

 This is this faded old hamms beer bear window painting by the delapitated mini mart down the block. Great in the same way that this next shot is great....incredibly goofy looking.

 Portland is just obsessed with pirates.

totally flawles.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Getting all blessed be on ya!!!

some little hood-rat tagged over the juniors mural so I touched it up. Feeling fresh and new. It's a good morning to drink champaign. 

Below are some pictures I took over the winter. Despite all the stress, of daily life, running around like crazy, and trying to scratch up enough money to stay fed and all, I have these moments , maybe everyday, when I look out at the world and am just blown away to be here, alive at all, and with eyes to look at it, feet on my legs and breathable air all around. I wonder if I would forget that I had ever felt such free joy if I didn't have a camera on my phone to always freeze these moments.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

jacob wooton
heres an illustration showing why short legged pirates never find long legged pirates treasure, and another of pirates discussing options other than burying for treasure.

Monday, January 24, 2011

you cant spell dork without ORC, phonetically anyway.

Jacob Wooton
This is the kind of awesome stuff I can only draw when I am subbing in middle schools. I was in a room full of autistic teenage boys all day, and this is what happened. This survival strategy would keep me alive in prison for at least a week. I would just have to draw a lot more gangster orcs.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Jacob Wooton
I found this image of a painting i did a couple of years ago, and realized I had never posted it. I won't lie to you, I think it's super beautiful, however it does go to show that sometimes you get so caught up in the painting of tiny flowers on a print dress or a bird nest in the misty trees that you fail to notice you gave the girl white Gregg Oden hands. Doops! I think I remember convincing myself that they looked ok at the time. Never Again! From here on out I will pledge my life to being a master of dainty hands.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sketch Book update.

jacob wooton
Here's my beautiful wife driving us all out to stay at our friends cabin, and below a comic I drew with the girls while we sat around drinking tea and playing star-wars trivia. Also included are some other little tidbits from the adventures of shadowleaf (circle with a c in it) and the D part of Run DMC. As well as a girl in a vent and a whale in the air. Signed, Jacob Wooton
jacob wooton

jacob wooton

jacob wooton

Embodied cognition, Painting and Heartache.

This last year has brought me all kinds of opportunities for growth. At this ripe old age I would say that heartbreak ...