Saturday, February 23, 2013

Oahu Graffitti Style, some JET JET action, and a big big bug!

 So when we were in Hawaii we found this abandoned chunk of some kind of convalencence home with no roof and all grown over and under with amazing drippy banyan trees. This is the kind of place I love most of all in the world. Portland used to have one of these awesome abandoned spaces by the river, that we called pirate town. It always smelled like a dead fire and was covered from ceiling to floor in awesome graff. Olympia has the double tunnels and Tacoma had the underworld. These are the free spaces of the world, and one day millions of years from now scientists will find these hidden spots and realize how unsoppable the creative impulse was in the humans of our time. Anyway, I congratulate and thank the north shore for producing and preserving a space like this.

 Anyhow I'm too old for painting on other peoples walls, but  still get all fired up about the freedom of the art. So my solution I came up with years ago was to pant on garbage I find and leave it around for others to find. This way nobody gets hurt feelings and I still get to do some free art.

 And our last item for the day is the tiny video of the centipede that our eleven year old shook out of her bed things the night before we left for the mainland. It was trapped in a big old wine glass. That sucker is like five inches long. Another awesome thing about Hawaii is they know how to make cool bugs.

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