Monday, February 10, 2014

Jet Jet Downtown and in a cave, also more jungle cats.

Dropped off two more of my buddies downtown the other day. One in the Pearl and the other one...I can't remember where. Oh well the point is to let them go so does it matter if I forget were they have gone to? I do wonder if they ever end up finding new homes.

Sometimes I forget where I leave them and sometimes i forget to take pictures of them, like happened last month when I had gone hiking with the family at the falls in the gorge. I had crawled into this cave set on leaving the painting in there somewhere. I was using my phones flash to see my way and the tiny cave just kept going on and on for fifty feet or more into the darkness. I finally reached the back wall and crawling on my hands and knees in the tiny space I was suddenly curious about the ceiling and took a picture upwards to illuminate the situation. in the momentary light I saw hundreds of spiders crawling all over the walls above me. I threw the painting down and scrambled out on my hands and knees whimpering and squealing, then emerged to the dubious looks of my wife and kids, who watched as I did a horrible little bug dance.
Round six or whatever of jungle cat drawings with Aunstin B. Amur Tiger time.

Changing my life with plein air painting. Year one.

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