Thursday, December 20, 2007


1999 Mural Instalation at Le Voyeur in Olympia Washington
2000 Evergreen Gallery One group show
2000 Otto's in Olympia Washington
2002 Solo Show Bay City Arts Center, Bay City Oregon
2003 Habituales International Group Show, Barcelona and Olympia
2004 Mural Instalation at Mamay's Cuban Restaurant, West Seattle
2006 Tiny's Coffee with Matthew Nicely
2006 The Tiger Bar and the 21st street Bar and Grill
2006 Laganos Lounge
2007 Manette Gallery
2007 Opposable Thumb Gallery
2007 Le Merde
2007 The Side Door
2007 Junior's Cafe
2008 The Goodfoot
2008 Le Merde

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

December 2007

BOAR Acrylic on wood 7"x14"

BISON Acrylic on wood 7"x14"

GUAR Acrylic on wood 7"x14"

DEER Acrylic on wood 5"x20"

SWAN Acrylic on wood 6"x11"

Embodied cognition, Painting and Heartache.

This last year has brought me all kinds of opportunities for growth. At this ripe old age I would say that heartbreak ...